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Onix Data Centres and Africa Data Centres are partnering to enhance Ghana’s digital infrastructure and support data security and accessibility. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The Africa Data Centres (ADC) and Onix Data Centre have joined forces to expand their presence in West Africa, starting with Ghana

Digital partnership in Ghana

This strategic partnership aims to bolster the region’s digital infrastructure, ensuring data remains within national borders for improved security and performance. UniCloud Africa Limited, a pan-African cloud service provider, is also part of this collaboration, signifying a significant advancement in digital services that will benefit customers across West Africa and drive regional economic development.

During the signing ceremony in Accra, Dr Krishnan Ranganath, the regional executive for West Africa at Africa Data Centres, emphasised the importance of this partnership. By entering the Ghanaian market alongside Onix, the Centres can harness innovative technologies and sustainable practices to deliver exceptional data services to the West African market.

“We’re stepping into the Ghana market through the partnership with Onix. Along with that, I have UniCloud Africa Limited. It’s one of the pan-African cloud service providers. So, it’s the first baby in this marriage between ADC and Onix. Our collaboration with Onix Data Centre allows us to leverage innovative technologies and sustainable practices, enhancing our ability to serve the West African market effectively,” stated Ranganath.

Yen Choi, CEO of Onix Data Centre, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting Onix’s commitment to global tech standards. As a leading Tier 4 data centre in the region, Onix Data Centre plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of Ghana and the broader region. Ladi Okuneye, CEO of UniCloud Africa, emphasised that this initiative supports both large organisations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), fostering economic growth and enabling digital transformation.

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