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Gebeya Inc., a renowned Pan African tech leadership company, has just unveiled its transformation into a premier all-in-one Talent Cloud provider, marking a pivotal moment in Gebeya's journey of redefining global talent connections 

This strategic shift signifies a remarkable milestone, propelled by the momentum accumulated over the past seven years. Beyond a mere change in logo colors, Gebeya's growth has been extraordinary, empowering thousands of talented individuals and fostering impactful partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Mastercard Foundation, Safaricom, and more.

Amadou Daffe, co-founder & CEO of Gebeya, emphasised, "Our team has always been proactive about continuously innovating and thinking outside the box to provide employment or entrepreneurship opportunities to as many African talents on the continent as possible. From the beginning, Gebeya’s heart has always been in opportunity creation… all powered by technology. That is one component that will always stay constant for us. We are looking forward to helping our partners launch thousands of Talent Clouds in the coming years.”

Originally an EdTech startup in 2017, Gebeya evolved into a trusted multi-sided Marketplace connecting tech talent with open roles. Eventually, it transformed this Marketplace into a Software as a Service (SaaS), and now, all these strengths are consolidated into Gebeya 3.0, introducing the Gebeya Talent Cloud—a scalable, AI-powered, and configurable SaaS platform capable of meeting diverse organisational needs.

Gebeya's Talent Cloud solutions include Public, Private, Strategic, and Sourcing Talent Clouds, enabling organizations to source, vet, qualify, skill, build communities, and offer opportunities to qualified networks of professionals. For talent across the continent, irrespective of their profession, Gebeya's Talent Cloud offers the flexibility to access and join the Cloud that aligns with their skills and interests. Software developers, for instance, can join multiple Talent Clouds, including those of esteemed partners like Microsoft.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Microsoft has joined forces with Gebeya to launch a 300,000-strong African Talent Cloud—, focusing on Microsoft Azure and AI skills. This centralised platform facilitates collaboration among Microsoft distributors, partners, and customers, supporting their digital transformation endeavors.

Moreover, Gebeya's US$48mn partnership with the Mastercard Foundation aims to accelerate Ethiopia's Gig Economy and entrepreneurial growth. This collaboration is set to provide comprehensive support, ranging from technology to business advisory services, fostering the establishment of 100 Gig Platform Marketplaces or Talent Clouds in various sectors.

As Gebeya looks ahead, its vision is to propel Africa's potential and global competitiveness with its revolutionary Talent Cloud technology. By connecting Africans with global opportunities, Gebeya is not only reshaping how the world perceives African expertise but also revolutionising the very landscape of talent connectivity.