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MTN South Africa and Huawei signing the MoU (Image source: Huawei)

On June 6th, MTN South Africa, also known as MTN, in collaboration with Huawei, hosted the IP Day Summit focusing on “Net5.5G Network Development”

The summit convened leading specialists from MTN’s network planning division and Huawei’s data communications department. Discussions centered on worldwide network construction principles, cutting-edge technologies, and insights into the IP sector, with the goal of enhancing the robustness and user experience of MTN’s network.

At this summit, a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) was executed between MTN and Huawei to foster strategic collaboration on Net5.5G. This agreement will see both parties collaboratively advance the deployment of Net5.5G’s essential features, such as 400GE, SRv6, slicing, and Network Digital Map, aiming to elevate the service quality and network accessibility for MTN’s consumer and B2B segments, as well as augmenting operational and maintenance efficiency.

During the event, Rami Farah, chief technical officer of MTN SA, underscored the significance of innovation as a fundamental component of MTN’s network strategy.

Zoltan Miklos, MTN SA’s General Manager of Access Planning and Architecture, emphasized MTN’s longstanding commitment to maintaining robust and stable networks. He highlighted the role of SRv6 and Network Digital Map in crafting an IP transport network that delivers an unparalleled experience.

Miklos further acknowledged the challenges MTN faces in service and network operations, security, reliability, among other areas, in the era of cloud and 5G, expressing eagerness to deepen ties with Huawei.

Feng Su, President of Huawei’s IP Marketing and Solution Sales Department, stressed that Net5.5G represents the future of IP networks and noted Huawei’s sustained investment in ultra-broadband products, network servitisation, and network intelligence. He conveyed Huawei’s anticipation to assist MTN in developing a premier IP transport network characterised by ultra-broadband, high reliability, and the ultimate experience, thereby contributing to MTN’s business prosperity.

Xu Huan, vice-president of Metro Router Domain at Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, stated Huawei’s commitment to collaborate with MTN to hasten the commercial adoption of the next-generation IP transport network, guided by the Net5.5G network objectives.

The MoU outlines the ongoing collaboration between MTN and Huawei to refine the Net5.5G network blueprint and bolster the enduring growth of MTN’s mobile, enterprise, and home broadband offerings. The partnership is poised to serve as a regional exemplar, expediting the adoption of novel technologies and applications, and propelling the enduring advancement of regional telecommunications operators.

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