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PAIX Data Centres partners with Djibouti Sovereign Fund to build a cutting-edge, neutral cloud and carrier data centre, enhancing East Africa's digital infrastructure. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

PAIX Data Centres, renowned for its data center solutions, is thrilled to form a pivotal joint venture with the Djibouti Sovereign Fund for the creation of a cutting-edge, neutral cloud and carrier data center in Djibouti 

This venture marks a crucial step in the advancement of Africa’s digital framework, highlighting the dedication of both entities to drive innovation and development within the area.

Uniting PAIX Data Centres’ industry acumen with the Djibouti Sovereign Fund’s regional insight, this collaboration aims to provide premier data centre services, specifically designed for the distinct demands of Djibouti and the wider East African territory. The upcoming facility is poised to become a vital nexus for ISPs, cloud services, financial bodies, and corporations in need of dependable, expandable infrastructure to bolster their digital ventures.

PAIX Data Centres: Horn of Africa's hub

Djibouti’s strategic location, linked by ten submarine cables with additional ones being laid, positions the data centre as a crucial gateway for PAIX and its clientele to tap into the burgeoning markets of the region.

PAIX is set to acquire the property, structures, and data center apparatus. The center will boast approximately 50,000 square feet of usable area and a critical power capacity of up to 5MW. The initial phase is slated for launch in 2026.

The PAIX Djibouti facility will feature top-tier infrastructure, inclusive of sophisticated cooling technologies, fail-safe power supplies, and stringent security protocols, ensuring peak operation and dependability for essential applications and services. With its multi-megawatt capacity, the data center will address the varied requirements of clients from multiple sectors, equipping them with the tools and support necessary to spur innovation and propel business growth.

PAIX Data Centres, alongside the Djibouti Sovereign Fund, is steadfast in its commitment to furnish unparalleled data center solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of its customers, thereby fostering the economic expansion and well-being of Djibouti and the greater Horn of Africa region. PAIX Data Centres has established operations in Accra, Ghana, and Nairobi, Kenya.

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