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UAE-based mobile-satellite service provider Thuraya Telecommunications Company has released an enhanced version of its maritime software MarineStar

Called “MNB_2.0_ML”, Thuraya said the software can optimise workflow on vessels and enhance compliance with international maritime regulations over a secure and reliable network.

Showcasing the latest MarineStar terminal at the Sea Asia 2023 maritime exhibition in Singapore from April 25-27, Thuraya said its new firmware consists of upgrades to the terminal’s geofencing and air programme capabilities. These will be able to track and monitor, and fish catch reporting in seven languages. 

The industry has been greatly impacted, thanks to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and international conflicts. Fishing communities need to be equipped with adequate and affordable solutions, which are also adaptive to changing circumstances.

As such, the Thuraya MarineStar features a new system for reporting fishing and port call status that is advantageous to maritime port authorities and vessel owners, apart from critical applications such as SOS. The software offers analysis of both fishing locations and fishing activity duration. This lowers the possibility of overfishing and guarantees adherence to local, regional, and global rules for sustainable fishing.

MarineStar is resilient to harsh environments, and can be used in tandem with Thuraya’s web-based tracking and monitoring service, called SatTrack for Marine. SatTrack provides users with an easy-to-use, online dashboard that displays data from Thuraya MarineStar terminals and enables fish catch reporting for further analysis, which is critical for sustainable fisheries.