A new way of activating phones

Evolving Systems, Inc. showcased its pioneering Dynamic SIM Allocation solution (DSA) at the 3G Middle East Telco World Summit in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Dynamic SIM Allocation solution is a new way of activating phones, which removes the inefficiencies of pre-provisioning, avoids the costs associated with large numbers of inactive SIM cards, and enables wireless carriers to offer an enhanced end-user experience. Evolving Systems’ Dynamic SIM Allocation solution can help:

  • Optimise use of core network capacity.
  • Provision only on first use of SIM cards.
  • Improve SIM Card Supply Flexibility.
  • With improved geographic mobility of SIM cards.
  • Improve MSISDN Utilisation.
  • By provisioning numbers at first use of the SIM card.
  • Increase revenue by enhancing user experience.
  • Offer choice and personalisation on first use.

“We believe that our DSA solution has the potential to deliver far-reaching benefits to operators across the region,” says Stuart Cochran, chief technology officer of Evolving Systems. “It allows operators to reduce costs by simplifying the SIM supply chain and optimising network capacity. In addition, it enables them to build customer loyalty and drive up average revenue per user (ARPU) by supporting the provision of innovative new customer offerings like number personalisation.”
“Market momentum is building for DSA around the world,” added Thad Dupper, president and CEO of Evolving Systems. “We now have customers in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and we are currently averaging more than ½ million allocations a month. Going forward, we see the Middle East with its dynamic and fast-growing mobile communications sector and its ever more sophisticated customer base as a key strategic growth market for us.”


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