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Duxbury Networking, the South African distributor of Nextivity intelligent cellular coverage solutions, has unveiled the latest Nextivity products tailored to meet the specific needs of the South African market 

"At Duxbury, we understand the importance of reliable cellular connectivity across various sectors in South Africa. The latest Nextivity solutions reflect our commitment to bridging connectivity gaps with advanced, efficient and adaptable technology. These solutions represent a leap forward in ensuring seamless communication in both professional and personal settings,” commented Tobie van Schalkwyk, business unit manager at Duxbury Networking.

The Nextivity CEL-FI QUATRA stands out as an innovative in-building cellular solution range designed for middleprise buildings. These systems tackle the issue of poor cellular in-building coverage with an advanced, all-digital approach, delivering up to three times the coverage footprint compared to traditional methods.

These scalable, carrier-approved QUATRA solutions ensure uniform, high-quality cellular signals, offering corporates in the local market a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative that improves connectivity in various enterprise settings. The QUATRA 4000e is a multi-carrier solution, while the QUATRA EVO is a single or two-carrier solution.

The CEL-FI CONNECT C41 Smart Signal Repeater is a self-install cellular coverage solution crafted for small offices, retail spaces, and homes, addressing poor cellular coverage by enhancing 3G and 4G signals for reliable calling and streaming.

Featuring an easy plug-and-play set-up, the CONNECT C41 includes Nextivity's proprietary IntelliBoost chip for optimal performance and compatibility with the CEL-FI WAVE app for network operator switching and performance monitoring. This solution is perfect for ensuring consistent connectivity in smaller spaces, significantly enhancing user experience in the digital age.

The CEL-FI GO products represent versatile cellular coverage solutions designed for vehicles, marine, and indoor spaces, boosting 3G and 4G mobile signals in areas with poor reception. Supporting both three-carrier and single-carrier options, with a 5G variant also available, CEL-FI GO products provide smart signal booster capabilities for both indoor and outdoor use.

Expanding on the GO range is the CEL-FI ROAM R41 mobile coverage solution tailored for vehicles, trucks, and boats. Enhancing cellular connectivity on the go, the R41 ensures a stable signal for calls and data. With a low-profile design allowing discreet installation under any seat and a rugged frame ensuring durability, the R41 is a critical tool for professionals and individuals who frequently travel in areas with spotty cellular reception.

"Our partnership with Nextivity allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions that enhance connectivity and reshape the way South Africans experience mobile communication in their daily lives,” concluded Van Schalkwyk.


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