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Motorola, Inc. has introduced a new rugged mobility solution aimed at improving the productivity of warehouse workers – the WT4090 Voice-only Wearable (VOW) Terminal and the RCH50 Rugged Cabled Headset.

p>Motorola, Inc. has introduced a new rugged mobility solution aimed at improving the productivity of warehouse workers – the WT4090 Voice-only Wearable (VOW) Terminal and the RCH50 Rugged Cabled Headset.

This easy-to-use, rugged solution can replace paper-based processes with voice-directed solutions in demanding enterprise environments – in the warehouse, in the freezer, on the loading dock or on the factory floor – resulting in real-time processing, reduced errors and improved decision making.
Extending information to the point of activity delivers new efficiencies with secure, cost-effective, reliable voice communications,” said Gerald McNerney, vice president of mobile computing product management, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. The hands-free, voice-directed WT4090 VOW and RCH50 offer warehouse workers support for voice-directed applications for increased productivity and streamlined operations. Meeting the industry’s most stringent rugged standards, these solutions offer employees the competitive edge they need to do their jobs, even in the harshest and noisiest environments.”

Comprehensive connectivity
Built on the success of Motorola’s WT4090 Wearable Mobile Computer, the WT4090 VOW is a hands-free, voice-directed, task-specific tool that offers comprehensive wireless network connectivity, high-power processing and rich voice capabilities. The device’s robust voice features include support for voice-recognition, text-to-speech engines and Voice-over WLAN (VoWLAN), providing warehouse workers with up-to-the minute information to make business critical decisions. The WT4090 VOW can be customised for business needs by its three fully programmable keys, keeping operations simple. When paired with the RCH50 or a headset from one of Motorola’s partners, the tools offer an affordable, versatile and complete voice-directed solution.
“We aim to provide our customers with convenient and efficient access to the products they need,” said Peter Kok, director of supply chain, process development, Carter’s. “The WT4090 VOW allows for real-time voice direction throughout our warehouse, ensuring that our employees maintain real-time communications throughout the day with a high level of efficiency and productivity so products can be distributed and available when and where needed for the ultimate customer satisfaction.”
“Motorola’s WT4090 VOW is a game-changer in the market – allowing large enterprises to leverage the Motorola platform across all warehouse activities, including voice picking,” said Scott Yetter, chief executive officer, Voxware. “Our customers, including Carter’s, who work with the Motorola VOW confirm that it is an outstanding unit that performs flawlessly.”
The RCH50 is Motorola’s rugged, cabled, lightweight headset that enables hands-free, voice-directed mobility solutions in rough environments. The superior acoustics resulting from the noise-cancelling, waterproof microphone enable real-time voice communications, reducing cycle times and errors while increasing productivity and throughput. Designed for comfort, hygiene and safety, its ergonomic design provides full shift comfort, while the ability to wipe down the headset and change the microphone windscreen and ear pad protects the health of the workforce. Additionally, a quick disconnect feature allows rapid separation of the headset, helping to improve worker safety. The universal design is compatible with Motorola’s broad portfolio of rugged mobile computers, providing the flexibility to deploy the right mobile device for the job.
“Motorola’s new RCH50 meets enterprise demand for a more rugged and comfortable headset,” said Bill Anderson, partner, Genesta. “Purpose built for industrial voice recognition applications, the RCH50 can withstand tough environments, and our SyVox customers are impressed with its crisp audio and consistency of recognition.”
“With its user-friendly and ergonomic design, the RCH50 lowers total cost of ownership with versatility and reliability in a range of industrial environments,” said Chris Sweeney, senior vice president, Lucas Systems, Inc.
Both devices have passed Motorola’s stringent mechanical design tests for both stress and endurance, and can survive in the most demanding situations, including extreme temperatures, drops to concrete and wet and dusty environments.
Whether customers require deployment assistance, rapid turnaround repair times or advance device replacement, Enterprise Mobility Services deliver maximum uptime for Motorola’s mobility solutions and their on-board applications. Motorola recommends Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage for the WT4090 VOW, a unique service that covers internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage. It also entitles customers to the technical support and software downloads they need to help keep their device operating at peak performance levels. Should customers choose Service from the Start Advance Exchange support for their RCH50 headsets, they’ll enjoy the next-business-day replacement of devices that require repair, delivering service peace of mind from the date of purchase.

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