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Current roaming trends have resulted in decreasing revenues, declining margins and fierce operator competition.

p>Current roaming trends have resulted in decreasing revenues, declining margins and fierce operator competition.

Starhome focuses on the current market trends and the effect they are having on the mobile operator in meeting their business challenges. New regulations, roaming price reductions, stiff competition and a sharp rise in data roaming traffic are some of the current trends forcing operators to search for different deployment options and advanced solutions to increase traffic, optimise costs, and meet their goals. These dynamic changes in the roaming market have affected the three main areas of business within the operator’s organisation: retail, wholesale and operations.
To serve its customers better, Starhome conducted several workshops and brainstorming sessions with managers from each area of the mobile operator business. The conclusion: operators need intrinsic solutions for each area of business to achieve maximum results and meet their specific business targets.

Solutions to make business
With Starhome’s tailored solutions, each business area within the mobile operator can better meet its specific objectives:

  • Retail – requires solutions to stimulate and increase roaming traffic and usability. Sparx, Starhome’s dynamic interactive roamers’ marketing and relations management tool, sends multi-campaign types to outbound roamers and generates revenue by promoting operator and third-party offerings. The Roaming Control solution prevents "bill shock" by allowing users to set limits for data and voice expenses while roaming. These are just two solution examples of how operators can offer innovative packages while providing much greater value to their roamers, and, ultimately generate higher roaming traffic volumes on their network.
  • Wholesale – requires solutions to assist in meeting wholesale targets and IOT discount agreements. Starhome offers solutions to enable wholesale teams to assess actual usage against set goals and agreements and maximise business results. The Next Generation Intelligent Preferred Network solution is a revenue-based steering of roaming solution that sets business targets for voice, SMS and data. In addition, Starhome’s Gateway Location Register (GLR) enables the VPMN to retain inbound roamers on its network and decrease international signaling traffic.
  • Operations – requires solutions to optimise network efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. Starhome offers various solutions to provide the engineering and network planning departments with the capabilities to closely monitor the effectiveness of their roaming network. Starhome’s Leakage Identifier solution provides key information about roamers’ location changes and identifies leakage of inbound roamers to a competing network. The Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution eliminates international voicemail tromboning to reduce operator costs and subscriber charges.

Starhome supplies these solutions with unique reporting, analysis and decision-making tools, to stimulate and increase roaming traffic and optimise costs for each area of the business
Amit Daniel, VP Marketing at Starhome, added, “Fast-moving trends are dominating the mobile roaming world. Across-the-board solutions are no longer adequate in assisting operators in meeting their business targets. Intrinsic solutions facilitate better results and enable each area of business to meet their individual business goals.”

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