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Frost & Sullivan has recognised Master Power Technologies with the 2019 African Customer Value Leadership Award for its modular data centre solutions that have the Universal Controller (UC), a remote monitoring and management system, at their core, based on its recent analysis of the African modular data centre market

In terms of power availability and quality, the UC is specifically designed to meet the needs of the local African market. This system provides critical information on specific components and equipment that are affected by the power available in Africa.

It aims to enable complete equipment integration on a single platform and greater operational reliability while reducing site downtime through predictive failure monitoring. It also monitors mechanical and electrical efficiencies and issues a warning if it detects a decline in efficiency levels.

“The UC will be pivotal in helping data centre operators improve reliability and efficiency, reduce energy costs, and achieve their sustainability goals. It helps data centre operators swiftly detect the problem before it occurs, and identify the necessary skill set required to rectify it,” said Gautham Gnanajothi Global Research Director. “Master Power offers a strong pedigree of data centre expertise, equipping leading African organisations across multiple end-user verticals with best modular data centre products.”

The sub-applications built into the UC deliver considerable value

The first one is called ‘BattSure’, which is a battery monitoring application designed to eliminate fire risks, downtime costs, and premature battery replacement. The other is the Triple Changeover Management (TCO), which monitors utility power supply and controls the switching of the supply from utility to generator when it detects a break in utility supply. Furthermore, it monitors the status of the standby generator and the number of re-starts and time between the re-starts. The TCO plays a vital role in optimising the OPEX and enhancing reliability.

Gnanajothi said Master Power’s comprehensive modular data centre product portfolio ranges from small edge solutions in ISO containers to medium-sized prefabricated solutions. Simultaneously, Master Power builds, operates, and maintains its own data centres. It formed a sister company called ‘Digital Parks Africa (DPA)’ to provide data centre services, particularly colocation services. DPA only offers wholesale data centre space instead of renting out smaller spaces or leasing space to colocation retailers.

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