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Team Simoco has launched Xfin Base and Dispatcher, the industry’s first integrated analogue IP basestation and dispatch solution, which has been designed to offer the combined benefits of cost-effective analogue private mobile radio (PMR) and the operational advantages of an IP network.

Xfin Base and Dispatcher reflect a fundamental shift in PMR design from hardware to software IP solutions, offering a more flexible and cost-effective means of operating and managing a radio network. The Xfin Base VoIP capability means that PMR traffic can be integrated onto IP networks using cost-effective IP connectivity options such as WIMAX and ADSL, eliminating the need for costly point-to-point private circuits. This has the benefit of dramatically reducing inter-site networking costs while providing inherent, distributive network resilience. Xfin Base Dispatcher is a software-based PC product providing a simple to use, intuitive user interface enabling multiple basestations to managed from one or more PC Dispatch Console connected at any location on the IP network.
IP soft-switch functionality eliminates the cost and complexity of integrating component switching hardware and enables more cost-effective remote management, fault isolation and maintenance. In addition, plug-and-play technology means deployment is via a simple software wizard, and software upgrades ensure it continues to meet evolving operating requirements. Ian Carr, managing director of Team Simoco said, “The Xfin Base is a revolution in analogue PMR engineering. It is the world’s first distributed IP base station solution, enabling switchless communications in a conventional PMR environment.
“Most industry players have diverted investment away from analogue technologies, leaving customers with few options. There is still considerable global demand for cost-effective analogue PMR, and the Xfin Base has really raised the bar, offering conventional analogue radio technology fit for the networking challenges of the next decade.”
The Xfin Base and Dispatcher are Team Simoco’s first infrastructure developments since the acquisition of Australian-based integrator ComGroup earlier in 2009, and combine the expertise of both companies. The product will be distributed through Team Simoco and ComGroup channels worldwide, and is part of the combined company’s goal of offering its worldwide customer base an integrated portfolio of radio communications infrastructure, base stations and terminals designed to meet current and future communications needs.