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Sepura, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of TETRA digital radios has signed a major new channel partnership agreement with Raxa Security Services Limited ("Raxa"), a subsidiary of the leading Indian infrastructure and services operator GMR Group.


This is a significant agreement for both parties and reflects a potential for TETRA systems in India as a result of increasing public and private sector investment in infrastructure across the country.

GMR Group’s core business is the delivery and operation of infrastructure projects, including both Delhi and Hyderabad airports, together with numerous road, power generation and Special Economic Zone scheme. All of these projects require modern IT and communications infrastructure for a secure and safe operating environment, which are provided by the group’s Raxa subsidiary.

Mr M R Reddy, Managing Director of Raxa Security Services Limited, said "Raxa is an established specialist in the communications arena in India. We know the market and its challenges well and know that demand for Tetra systems and terminals will rise dramatically over the next few years.

"TETRA offers secure and feature-rich voice and data communications and Sepura has a justified reputation for supplying robust and reliable radios which are built around the demanding requirements of end-users across the world. Sepura is the leading network-independent supplier and working with their terminals will enable us to provide a solution for whatever network is in place. Raxa is delighted to be joining the global network of Sepura partners and looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship."

Gordon Watling, the CEO of Sepura added: "We are delighted to have appointed Raxa as a strategic channel partner in India, where we expect the market for TETRA to grow rapidly. Raxa is a highly professional and respected provider of local communications solutions, and working with Raxa will help us to secure a significant share of this forecast growth."