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Intelsat and Openserve collaborate for advanced network modernisation, providing reliable connectivity solutions across South Africa. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Intelsat, renowned for operating one of the world's most extensive integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, has renewed and expanded its enduring partnership with Openserve, South Africa's leading telecommunications infrastructure provider 

The enhanced collaboration encompasses new hardware and satellite connectivity, elevating service reliability across the nation.

In this initiative, more than 900 sites for Openserve, a subsidiary of Telkom SA SOC Ltd and boasting the country's largest fixed broadband network, will be modernised by Intelsat. The network's performance will be optimised, resulting in increased throughputs to end customers at a reduced cost. The upgraded efficiency and modernisation efforts aim to enrich services for businesses, organisations, and communities, particularly in challenging-to-access areas.

“Through this renewed collaboration, Openserve will modernise its network infrastructure and tap into Intelsat’s advanced technology and global network, to deliver enhanced, highly reliable and dependable connectivity solutions that meet the evolving demands of enterprises, governments, businesses and communities across South Africa,” said Rhys Morgan, regional vice-president EMEA sales, Intelsat.

The infrastructure upgrades are underway and are on track to be completed by the end of June 2024.