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SEACOM debuts LEO satellite service, enhancing connectivity in South Africa; industry leaders endorse its potential for digital transformation. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

SEACOM has announced the debut of an all-new low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite service, stating that it is currently accessible to SEACOM enterprise clients and represents an evolutionary shift in connectivity in South Africa, complementing existing terrestrial broadband infrastructure and technologies 

The company mentioned that the launch follows a two-year process of engagement with industry partners.

Juanita Clark, CEO of Digital Council Africa, noted the importance of satellite communication in addressing connectivity gaps, particularly in underprivileged areas.

Clark said, "Africa is undergoing a rapid digital revolution, which is pushing up demand for connectivity, and satellite should be considered as one of the solutions."

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, the secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union, has also been quoted on record as saying that satellite networks are vital to boosting connectivity.

SEACOM also announced it installed its LEO satellite equipment in South Africa, and the company had completed all essential trials.

Clayton Codd, general manager sales at SEACOM South Africa, said, “Our clients have watched closely and have been very responsive. They’re interested in the capabilities and overall potential of LEO connectivity technology and are attracted by the element of innovation and the stability it could bring to parts of their business.”

Alpheus Mangale, group CEO, SEACOM, said, “The end goal is to make the LEO service an essential value offering for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Connectivity is on track to become a wholesale service made up of different technologies that work together to meet clients’ needs and deliver the uptime and performance that’s expected from market leaders. By holistically improving enterprises’ operational capabilities and providing always-on connectivity, we are enabling them and ushering in a new wave of digital transformation.”

Looking ahead, Mangale envisions LEO playing a substantial role in SEACOM’s corporate social responsibility and associated initiatives.

“There are so many opportunities that can be explored with the power of partnership. By getting major industry players together and uniting them with the common thread of broadband connectivity, we can make significant changes and transform the lives of all South Africans,” concluded Mangale.

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