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CCX Technologies has signed an agreement with South Africa-based Safomar Aviation to sell onboard cybersecurity solutions into the rapidly growing sub-Sahara Africa market

A suite of CCX avionics hardware solutions including AP-150 Secure Avionics Wireless Gateway, AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance, and other cybersecurity products will be sold to a wide range of aircraft operators.

“Cybersecurity is an escalating concern among aircraft operators across the aviation market, from government, to airlines to corporate,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “Safomar and CCX Technologies both recognise the growing importance of cybersecurity and safety to the aviation industry, and we are extremely pleased to partner with this undeniably progressive dealer.”

Installed directly on aircraft, CCX Technologies cybersecurity solutions help to defend and protect aircraft networks on board. Monitoring network traffic, solutions provide an in-depth view of the vulnerability and security of on-board networks and data buses.

Featuring advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems, log collection, monitoring and storage, the AP-250 provides a simple interface to Satcom terminals and routers, and can be installed with or without a Satcom connection off the aircraft. They also facilitate the achievement of an increasing number of guidelines on cyber security for aviation authorities, including RTCA DO-326/ED202 Airworthiness Security Process Specifications.

Cybersecurity is new to most of us, but it is surely not an area we can neglect going forward,” said Johan Wentzel, director of business development, Safomar Aviation. “We’ve always worked to be at the forefront of aviation technology, and cybersecurity is no exception. We pride ourselves on delivering highly customized solutions to our military, police, commercial and corporate clients. This is why we are excited and honoured to partner with CCX Technologies to offer sub-Sahara Africa, the latest solutions to protect aircraft cockpits and cabins from cyber threats.”