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Kitov Tecnologie has formed a partnership with GamaSec, a remote online website security scan service.

GamaScan identifies web application vulnerabilities, provides real-time vital business solutions, and recommends optimally matched solutions.
Avi Bartov, GamaSec CEO comments, "Our core business is to help our clients mitigate risks on their website by providing real-time evaluation reports and recommendations. We provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Application vulnerabilities are the Achilles heel in the protection of websites. It is better to know your weaknesses and fix them than wait to respond after an attack."
Achi Harrisson Kitov General Manager"After learning about GamaSec and their web vulnerability assessment service I felt that this partnership brings Kitov what they need to succeed on today's security conscious Internet in Africa."
Kitov will have access to GamaSec's leading online web vulnerability-assessment service; testing web servers, web-interfaced systems, and web-based applications against thousands of known vulnerabilities. Gamasec's easy-to-understand security assessment reports define existing vulnerabilities and recommend solutions.