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Ghana has launched the data protection commission and its website to supervise cyber crimes in the West African country

The Communication Ministry of Ghana reported that the data protection commission, under the theme ‘Know your right, protect your information’, is aimed at giving the right to citizens to access personal information, amend personal information and prevent processing of personal information.

The data protection commission is set up under the Ghana’s Data Protection Act 2012. The commission will also hear any complaints from the public regarding personal data, added the ministry.

Edward Omane Boamah, communication minister of Ghana, said, “The development of a legal and regulatory environment is required in the era of information age. It will put a stop to the violation of personal privacy.”

According to Boamah, information and communication technology (ICT) was being misused by anti-social elements to commit cyber crimes. “This was why the ministry had been instrumental in the passage of a key legislation to improve competition and transparency in the ICT sector.”

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