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Print and apply systems from Brady can save time and improve production efficiency and profitability by automating cable identification

A manual cable identification process quickly becomes a bottleneck that slows down production output, especially when large volumes of cables need to be identified. Cable sleeves, wrap-around and self-laminating labels can be applied a lot faster with cable sleeve and label print and apply systems. Reliable print and apply systems also increase the quality of your cable identification by always applying sleeves and labels in the exact same way.

Brady offers a number of reliable print and apply systems for cable identification sleeves and labels that enable efficiency gains in a range of production processes.

Wraptor Wire ID Printer Applicator: enables automatic print and apply of self-laminating cable labels in seconds

Double Sided Printer: enables simultaneous printing on both sides of a cable sleeve

BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator: enables fast sleeve application on a range of cables

Brady offers a wide range of high quality identification materials, including wrap-around labels, self-laminating labels and cable sleeves, that comply with industrial standards. These labels can resist extreme conditions, including abrasion, moisture, fuels, chemicals, UV-exposure and high temperatures. Durable, quality identification solutions usually have to be applied only once and they remain intact and legible throughout entire production processes and over time so you don't have to waste time replacing any cable identification.

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