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US-based passenger biometric recognition company Securiport plans to provide a biometric screening technology to curb the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa

A statement from the company said that Securiport will specialise in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing and intelligent information control systems. Securiport plans to leverage ultrasound technology to provide accurate information on passengers.

According to company officials, data would be collected and integrated into a database that stores traveller activity on a cloud. The company would provide comprehensive contact tracing data analytics to help governments and health organisations to effectively monitor and control the spread of the virus in West Africa.

The Ebola virus has affected Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea the hardest, with the World Health Organisation stating that the virus has claimed 3,439 lives so far.

Anibal Cheble, general manager of Securiport Sierra Leone, said, “One of the more complex challenges in the fight against the spread of Ebola is managing the flow of infected individuals from one country to the next. Our intelligent biometric technology and data analytics will keep governments informed and empowered. With our tools, they can effectively monitor the flow of people from across borders, making it easier to stop the virus from transferring from region to region.”

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