Standard Bank launches digitised Escrow solution in South Africa

douglas bagg MHJ23j9Fbbo unsplashStandard Bank has launched a digitised Escrow solution in South Africa designed to protect individuals from risks associated with the purchase or sale of goods or services from unknown individuals

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Suprema enhances cybersecurity with new BioStar 2 platform

biostarSuprema, a security and biometrics solutions provider, has released a new version of BioStar 2 platform, enhancing the cybersecurity features

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SentinelOne technology protects AASA from cyber attacks

markus spiske FXFz sW0uwo unsplashThe Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa (AASA) has rolled out SentinelOne’s AI-powered technology to replace legacy endpoint antivirus and successfully identify and defeat cyber attacks with zero dwell time

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Four major trends for building and operating a Security Operations Center

SOCMimecast, an email and data security company, has released the latest report from the Cyber Resilience Think Tank (CR Think Tank) highlighting four trends for building and operating a Security Operating Center (SOC)

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Frost & Sullivan analyses future of privacy and cybersecurity

frostFrost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, The Future of Privacy and Cybersecurity, Forecast to 2030, finds that by 2030, there will be a complex global network of 200 billion devices, with more than 20 connected devices per human

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