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remote  HubThe South African Ministry of Communications will launch an Awareness Campaign for the Digital Migration in the Northern Cape provinces on 3 October 2012

South Africa's minister of communications, Dina Pule, will initiate the campaign that will aim to create an understanding around the digital migration process and aid the ministry in its passage from analogue broadcast signal to digital broadcasting system (DTT).

A ministry source said that during the campaign, the ministry would demonstrate various types of technology that will be needed for the migration process.

Three areas in the Northern Cape have been identified by the department for the demonstration - Motswedimosa, near Kimberley and Carnavon and Williston, located around the area of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project.

While Motswedimosa will receive DTT signals, Carnavon and Williston will both be provided with access to Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite signals, according to the ministry source.

The department has planned a number of activities leading up to the main day of the launch, including demonstrations of several technologies at four post offices in the area and the interaction of local people with the minster through community radio stations.

The department has partnered with the SABC, South African Post Office (SAPO), Sentech and Universal Services and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA) in order to put together the campaign and spread awareness of the migration process.


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