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TraceXMolotovTrace (, an international media group dedicated to empowering and entertaining African-urban people, has entrusted Molotov Solutions with the development and operation of the new version of its OTT platform, TracePlay

TracePlay will offer more than 25 live TV channels, 100 radio channels and some 1,000 hours of on-demand content using the Molotov platform.

The platform will be distributed in 180 countries (the first for Molotov), notably in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America. It will be available in French, English and Portuguese at the beginning of Q2 2021.

TracePlay will benefit from the full application suite of Molotov Solution, which has already attracted some 12 million users in France. Molotov’s technology will enable TracePlay to empower its audiences to connect with Afro-urban culture seamlessly using:

-A video platform in the cloud with Live, Replay and On Demand;

-A complete back-office suite with interface control, content editorialization, users and offers management, and data analysis;

-A flexible and robust API that seamlessly interconnects with third-party applications (CRM, analytics, payments) and telecom operators to promote Trace’s content offerings on STBs and to propose an SSO login and carrier billing to users;

-Mobile and tablet applications (iOS and Android), responsive browser-based web application and on large screens with Chromecast, Android TV and Apple TV;

-A proprietary video player compatible with ABR (adaptive bitrate streaming), multilingual and integrating features such as pause/resume, Start Over (return to the beginning of the current live programme in one click), fast forward and rewind, channel hopping;

-Flagship features such as multi-language, delinearization of streaming programs, radio and podcasts, personality tracking, “Watch List”, In-App-Purchase, parental control, and many more.

“The digital and non-linear consumption of TV and radio channels and content continues to grow, especially among young and urban audiences who particularly enjoy Trace. We chose Molotov Solutions for the quality of its technical platform and the expertise of its team. Together, we will build the most beautiful audiovisual experience of afro-urban entertainment,” said Olivier Laouchez, CEO of Trace.