High-density SFNs the future of TV?


The phenomenal growth of mobile wireless broadband services will propel digital broadcasting into a new era, says network specialist Broadcast Australia. Driven largely by popular consumer devices such as the Apple iPhone, consumer expectation for next-generation services—including television—on portable and mobile devices will prompt savvy broadcasters to re-examine network design and operation.

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Mass channel delivery solution for Kenya

International broadcast services company WRN Broadcast announced that it has won a major contract with Wananchi to provide encoding, multiplexing and fibre delivery of more than 12 channels for distribution on Zuku, Kenya’s first triple-play service. The channels include MSNBC, Eurosport News, Nickelodeon and Bloomberg, with more to follow.

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2020 television

Guy Elliott, Managing Director, ATG Broadcast, considers likely developments in the television industry over the next 10 years.

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UK IT company breaks South African market

PlayBox Technology UK Limited has announced the opening of a Representative Office in South Africa. This follows the company’s success with many recent African sales; the office is ready for the expansion of the media industry following the World Cup.

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55 new channels for South African viewers

SES ASTRA, an SES company, recently announced that it has signed a capacity agreement with South African pay-TV operator On Digital Media (ODM) for three transponders on its ASTRA 4A satellite, and has also contracted to provide the related broadcasting services via its affiliate ASTRA Platform Services.

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