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Bahrain-based SINNAD Company, a leading Card Processing and Payment Service Provider in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and IDEMIA, leader in identity technology are reinforcing their 14-year long engagement to accelerate innovation and enrich the financial sector with the most advanced financial technology and payment solutions

IDEMIA and SINNAD have been long standing partners in the MEA region, driving innovation in the constantly evolving financial sector enabling financial institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond to achieve and extend their market leadership in the new digital world when it comes to Payment and Banking Technologies. The two pioneers have been focused on bringing essential financial services and solutions to several markets including Cards Procurement and Cards Personalisation Services.

IDEMIA continues to support SINNAD in providing its clients with a wide range of solutions and both companies will embark on their next chapter, expanding their partnership by introducing new innovative solutions including F.CODE; a flagship payment card product that relies on biometric authentication to authorise limitless contactless payments using a fingerprint sensor embedded into the card. The ultimate goal is to allow the end-user a fluid and comfortable payment experience as there are no contactless payment thresholds to abide by, nor a PIN code to remember.

SINNAD, together with IDEMIA, have introduced SMA to its clients, an elegant, modern metal card, underpinned by state-of-the-art tech. The Metal Card is made from various materials, resulting in a different look, feel and weight. SMA revolutionises metal graphics at a reasonable price, ushering in cutting-edge artworks and combining plastic printing techniques with high-definition knockout features on plain brushed or decorated metal. This modern metal card range provides banks with significant new customer pulling potential.

This partnership also offers sustainable payment solutions based on IDEMIA’s GREENPAY portfolio of cards and services, which is designed to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics, most notably GREENPAY cards have received Mastercard’s sustainable card certification and, most recently, ICMA EcoLabel Standard certification.

SINNAD is collaborating with IDEMIA for a comprehensive digital first capability for merchants of all sizes with its Tap on Phone payment solution “SoftPOS”, empowering clients to perform convenient, fast, and secure transactions. Merchants can now adopt digital payment acceptance as a result of this engagement, which seeks to deliver cutting-edge processing solutions, digitise, and transform interactions to be frictionless and secure. The Digital Payment "SoftPOS" is also cost-effective as retailers can use existing consumer-grade devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Meanwhile, consumers can now enjoy the speed, convenience, and security of digital payments while shopping in-store.

“As we continue to expand our global footprint, synergies such as these become vital. With each deployment, we are expanding both scalability and capacity, and we will continue to introduce additional capabilities to satisfy client demand. For more than a decade, our partnership with IDEMIA has empowered us to enhance our solutions. The integration of our cutting-edge card solutions and expertise in this sector, together with IDEMIA’s innovation solutions and services in payment and banking technology, has contributed to significant success in expanding offerings,” stated Rana Almaeeli, CEO at SINNAD.

“Expanding our long-term partnership, IDEMIA and SINNAD can now offer our technology solutions and continuous innovation to payment and banking customers in Bahrain and beyond. IDEMIA's cutting-edge expertise enables us to support our business customers in transforming payment and financial services to be more secure, efficient, and sustainable. We are excited to work together with our partners towards this shared vision," said Hennie Du Plessis, senior vice-president – payment services, Middle East & Africa, IDEMIA.