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Mob4Hire, in collaboration with customer loyalty scientist Bob E. Hayes, PhD, of Business Over Broadway, have released the results of a "Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey" international research project, conducted in February 2010.

The unprecedented 111-country survey analyses the impact of mobile apps on operator’s churn (number of new customers acquired minus number of existing customers lost), as well as many dimensions of the app ecosystem as it relates to mobile user behaviour and satisfaction.
The importance of mobile apps as an emerging component of network operator customer loyalty is not surprising, but the magnitude shown by the survey is:
1. 75 per cent of mobile users say apps are important when choosing their new operator.
2. 37 per cent of people who leave their operator cite bad mobile apps as a reason

According to the published document, 51 per cent of the respondents use more than one network operator, 89 per cent of mobile users reported that applications crash on their phones. When considering downloading/purchasing mobile applications, users typically like to see at least a four-star rating before they download/purchase the mobile application. Also, on average, people downloaded five to seven free apps in the last three months. In the same time period, paid apps downloads were low, with only one purchase per person in the last three months. Of those that have downloaded, 47 per cent said they used two or more different app stores. Not surprisingly, iPhone users are the most active - 70 per cent of users download eight or more free apps. Over 60 per cent purchase more than two apps.

A vital role
Stephen King, CEO, Mob4Hire, said, "Mob4Hire’s mobile community of ‘real people on real handsets with real opinions’ are virtually everywhere; 40,000 people on 364 networks in 146 countries. This provides valuable opportunities to reach global users and include feedback and functional/usability testing for mobile app developers, market researchers, and for large organisations like network operators, handset manufacturers and O/S platform vendors.The research also illustrates that network operators play a vital role in ensuring a great mobile app experience for their users. The two dimensions of Mobile App Customer Satisfaction and Mobile App."
Stability varies greatly across global wireless service providers; the report ranks 33 of the top network operators worldwide. The network operator providing the best mobile app experience to their users is Zain, serving over 64 million customers in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Seven other operators share the top performing honors with Zain (in no particular order): BSNL, MTN, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Claro and Movistar. A Mob4Hire "5-Star Excellence in Mobile" award goes to these eight operators.
Bob Hayes, Ph.D., President, Business Over Broadway, commented, "Finding a new important dimension of the customer experience that impacts customer loyalty in a big industry is exciting. Our research with Mob4Hire highlights the rapidly evolving wireless industry. There are many organisations that are not only struggling with their core products of wireless coverage and service, but are also unprepared for creating a good mobile app ecosystem.”

An eight-page Executive Summary is available free of charge at