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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the UAE has signed an MoU with Senegal to share the best practices in information and communications technology (ICT)

The MoU was signed between TRA and the regulatory authority for telecommunications and posts of Sengal. The partnership will work to create a framework of collaboration to share the best practices in ICT between the two countries, including development in regulatory tools and human resources, research and development and the promotion of commercial activities in the sector.

Under the terms of the MOU, both parties will establish an annual calendar to identify the mutual programmes and activities to highlight on the work plan and the means of implementation to achieve the goals set in the agreement. Through the partnership, the two countries will seek to develop the ICT sector to meet current industry demand and keep pace with new technologies, as well as enable their respective authorities to address the challenges faced by the sector.

According to TRA, the partnership forms part of the organisation’s initiative to create strategic partnership programmes with telecoms regulatory authorities worldwide to share best practices in the ICT sector.

TRA’s director general Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori said, “As an elected member of the ITU Council, we strive to promote the country’s willingness to participate in joint initiatives which will contribute to ICT development in the region and the world.”

The MoU was signed at the 2016 session of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) council held in Geneva from 25 May to 2 June 2016.

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