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GettyImages 1164885329 rtAs a telco provider and also a technology partner, MTN Business can meet all client requirements

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Paratus Armada DC to launch in Windhoek

Paratus 24 June data centreThe new Paratus Namibia Armada DC (data center) will launch in Windhoek in August 2022, opening its doors to both network operators and individual colocation tenants so they will not be bound to a single network service provider

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Plans are in place to construct a new subsea cable ‘2Africa’ for better connectivity

2Africa 20 June subsea cablePlans are in place to construct a new subsea cable dubbed ‘2Africa’, the most comprehensive subsea cable to serve the African continent, Europe and the Middle East region

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Doing dares to take the gap

MTN 17 JuneMTN has put in place specific business products that are tailored to ensure your business will thrive in this fast-moving digital world

When it comes to running your business effectively, doing is a game changer. At MTN, we put the right tools in the hands of doers, closing the gap between can and do. After all, doers are everywhere in Africa. They are the people and businesses, like you and yours, who dare to take the gap and convert intention into action. Whether you run a startup or an enterprise, MTN has a full suite of business tools you need.

We offer every possible solution, from network and products, to the platforms you need to inspire the doing you want to achieve today. But enough talk, what are we actually doing that will help your business take the gap?

MTN has put in place specific business products that are tailored to ensure your business will thrive in this fast-moving digital world.

MTN Business ICT Solutions

This gives your business an evolutionary leap that connects everyone and everything. MTN Business ICT solutions, simplify, automate, and speed up the administrative processes while enhancing networking, connectivity, and collaboration.

Our solutions can accelerate your business’ progress in ways that will give it the agility to respond to customers, employees, and suppliers in real time. Providing your business with efficient connectivity, integration, infrastructure, and network, using multiple solutions across these five categories:

• Managed Networks

• Unified Communications

• Data hosting and Cloud services

• Security-as-a service

• IoT

MTN Managed Networks

MTN Managed Networks offer African doers fewer servers, and more service. With networks that are simply better managed, ensuring that your business has access to smarter infrastructure, cost savings, as well as an always on, and always connected system.

MTN's IoT platform increases business efficiency, improves productivity, and maximises human resources, while also reducing costs. 

MTN Business Unified Communications

Providing your business with a host of enterprise communication tools which will enhance collaboration, enable seamless connectivity, and increase efficiencies. Equipping you with everything you need to work from wherever you are – doing may sometimes be out of the office, but it never has to be out of the loop.

MTN Business Data Hosting and Cloud Services

Enhancing your business’ digital experience by allowing your service to continue, even when your servers go down, all while securing your data. Just because your servers are down, does not mean your data has to go down with them.

MTN Business SaaS

MTN Software as a Service: no installation and management of software and hardware; and enables you to access applications via the cloud while giving you a secure and protected space for all data.

As a doer, you don’t have to worry about software updates, but can trust us to take care of that on your behalf.

MTN Business – Internet of Things

IoT enables an exchange of information between networked devices, allowing them to intelligently respond without human interference. This platform increases business efficiency, improves productivity, and maximises human resources, whilst also reducing costs.

At MTN, everything we do is inspired by the doers. Our trusted business solutions will help you take the gap, and make progress happen every day. 

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Immediately recognise every cable, server and component

PWID Datacentre landscapeNot a single server cable will require manual tracing during installation, network refreshes and troubleshooting when identified with reliable Brady labels for error-free data centre intervention

Quickly recognise the right hardware for fast and error-free data centre interventions. Rely on Brady’s industrial grade labels that remain legible, and stay attached to any cable, disk, panel, rack, router, switch and server. Discover Brady's dedicated data centre identification solutions and get the free data center identification guide!

Discover identification solutions from Brady >>

Solve identification challenges:

- Fast reconnects at all times: quickly connect cables to the right ports with reliable labels that stay attached and remain legible

- Total control: print any label in the data centre or at any location when you need it

- Fast support & quality service: get a globally available product with dedicated local service and technical support

Data centre identification guide book

Digitisation accelerates across many industries, and data centre capacity is keeping pace. Increasing needs for security, speed and capacity result in expansion, modernisation, relocation, higher server and router port densities and variable panels. All of this will require flexible identification solutions that support highly efficient data centre professionals to deliver their best work fast.

The specialised guide offers a high-level overview of the identification solutions Brady offers to data centre customers.

Download the free guide now >>

PWID Datacentre guide EN

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