Growing communications across Africa with Avanti's new satellite

Avanti imageAvanti Communications has launched its new satellite HYLAS 4, aiming to double the company’s satellite capacity across Africa, said David Bestwick, chief technical officer, in his discussion on how the High Throughput Satellite is bringing the quality Ka-band satellite capacity to Africa

HYLAS 4 will use the latest Ka-band technology, providing high-speed satellite connectivity across the UK and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With 64 Ka spot beams, HYLAS 4 is set to extend Avanti's coverage across Africa, providing more capacity in East and Southern Africa, and opening new markets for the satellite operator in West and Central Africa. Furthermore, the High Throughput Satellite (HTS) has four steerable beams which can be pointed to provide additional capacity in existing regions or steered to address new markets.

Avanti provides the capacity to a broad range of customers who require reliable, secure and cost-effective satellite communications for various applications. H YLAS 4 will set the new standard of reliable, high quality and flexible communications for Internet Service Providers who require broadband for home and SMEs as well as complex connectivity solutions for large Enterprises facilitating applications such as IP trunking, MPLS, and Business Internet Continuity.

Mobile Network Operators will be able to use HYLAS 4 and Avanti's existing fleet to extend and improve their 2G, 3G and 4G networks, through smart and proven satellite backhaul services.

Avanti also works closely with local governments and organisations to deliver high-speed satellite broadband to schools and local communities, enabling access to e-Learning and digital opportunities. The company's network also provides highly reliable and secure communications to the security and defence sector.

HYLAS 4, along with Avanti’s existing coverage, provides capacity infill to other satellite operators, who may have gaps in their coverage or require additional capacity.

Avanti’s new satellite uses advanced Ka-band technology for high-throughput and greater efficiencies. Ka-band satellites have been designed to deliver high-speed data services by offering significant advantages in comparison to Ku-band and C-band capacity. The new satellite will provide low-cost broadband capacity due to the efficiencies resulting from the use of small spot beams which concentrate power and re-use spectrum. This also means that end-user terminals are smaller, cheaper and easier to install. And with higher capacity than regular Ku-band satellites, HYLAS 4 is a future-proof solution that supports growth across Africa.

Moreover, HYLAS 4, as part of Avanti’s extensive network, allows customers to purchase an entire end-to-end, managed service from a single source. As one of the leading experts in delivering Ka-band communications across EMEA, Avanti has extended its coverage to some of the most challenging places in the region. But it is not just a matter of operating a fleet of Ka-band satellites. The company has also invested on the ground. Avanti has built diverse Gateway Earth Stations (GES) in countries such as UK, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Nigeria and South Africa, with further GES planned for Senegal and Kenya. So not only does it work to meet the needs of having data traffic land in-country, it also creates local employment opportunities in ICT, engineering and communications, as Avanti works closely with a variety of local partners.

By increasing broadband access by 10 per cent, it can enable GDP to grow 1.4 per cent. HYLAS 4 covers 665mn people who could get access to the latest digital opportunities, which is why communication is so important for growth.

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