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Thinkom Solutions, one of the leading solution providers of compact broadband antenna and on-the-move (OTM) applications, has developed a product variant of its VICTS aero satellite communication antennas for the government and military beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) satellite communication markets

The new product variant aims to integrate the VICTS antenna, antenna control unit (ACU) and power supply (PS) electronics. With this, the ACU does not need a separate line-replaceable unit (LRU). 

Furthermore, the high-efficiency and low-power characteristics of the VICTS are expected to deduct the necessity of other bulky and power-consuming LRUs. 

Bill Milroy, chairman and chief technical officer of ThinKom Solutions, explained that the design is a strategic part for becoming the favourable antenna choice for smaller volume-limited and power-limited platforms.

The VICTS antenna measures less than nine cm in total height. It is a flight-proven, high-reliability design and carries all the specific product features of its kind. One of the benefits of the new variant is that it is set to enable the transmission and receive antennas to be co-located. 

According to Milory, the integrated antenna unit will supply intensified capabilities for government customers through deducting its ACU/PS LRU. Additionally, the system is supportive with low-probability-of-detection and low-probability-of-intercept emissions characteristics. It supplies over-the-air compatibility with the latest hopped and spread spectrum waveforms.