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Check Point & NVIDIA collaborate on Check Point AI Cloud Protect, enhancing security for AI workloads in the cloud amid rising cyber threats. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and NVIDIA have united forces to enhance the security of AI cloud infrastructure, unveiling the Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution 

This collaboration is aimed at tackling the escalating threat landscape targeting AI workloads in the cloud, which are increasingly susceptible to sophisticated cyber attacks.

Gera Dorfman, vice-president of Network Security at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., emphasised the urgent need to safeguard AI workloads across various sectors like healthcare, education, and finance. He stressed the importance of protecting sensitive AI operations from evolving cyber threats, highlighting the significance of the Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution in strengthening these environments.

The rapid expansion of AI technology has revolutionized workplace productivity but has also introduced new avenues for cyber attacks tailored to exploit AI systems. Threats such as tampering with AI models, data theft, and service disruptions pose significant risks to organisational integrity and trust in AI operations. To mitigate these risks, a comprehensive security approach is required to safeguard both data and AI models from potential breaches.

The collaboration between Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and NVIDIA integrates network and host-level security measures to provide a holistic defense against conventional and emerging cyber threats targeting AI infrastructures. This integrated approach ensures that security systems are equipped to monitor network activities and host-level processes effectively, thus safeguarding the integrity and performance of AI systems.

Yael Shenhav, vice-president of Networking Products at NVIDIA, emphasised the importance of securing AI clouds as AI technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous. The utilisation of NVIDIA BlueField 3 facilitates the implementation of robust cyber defense measures, ensuring the protection of AI cloud data centers while optimising AI performance.

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