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Global telecommunications and media firm Millicom has announced a partnership with UNICEF (United Nations Childrens Fund) aimed at making the web a safer place for children living in DR Congo

The partnership agreement states that both the partners together will map the risks and opportunities pertaining to children in the telecommunications arena and promote industry guidance on how to best respect children’s rights online.

Rachel Samrén, executive vice-president of strategic operations at Millicom, said, “Companies have many strategic and direct ways to influence children’s lives positively, beyond charity work or fighting child labour. At Millicom, we always demand more and so we are proud to be at the forefront of putting into action the great work with UNICEF that takes a wider perspective on business responsibility and children.”

According to the partners, the number and scope of online risks to children and young people in the country is constantly increasing with risks ranging from targeted marketing, which makes use of their personal information to online bullying and harassment, identity theft and other forms of online abuse.

Gérard Bocquenet, director of private fundraising and partnerships at UNICEF, noted that Millicom and UNICEF together will ensure that children are not only protected online, but that their rights to privacy, freedom of thought, opinion, culture and safety are respected across the telecommunication sector.

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