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Software solutions provider firm eKnowvate Solutions Limited has announced the launch of Cyber Security Training Course to tackle the growing rate of cyberspace insecurity in Nigeria

According to the firm, the training modules will cover cyber security awareness, practical network defence, practical web defence, penetration testing professional, mobile application security and penetration testing, among others.

Ayo Adewemimo, CEO of eKnowvate Solutions Limited, said, “Cyber security is an increasingly important requirement for global business and modern society as we exist in a data-centric world where information technology and associated communications’ networks and services pervade every aspect of our lives. This makes the protection of our digital assets and activities in cyberspace of critical importance.”

Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically over the last decade in the country, exposing sensitive business information, disrupting critical operations and imposing high costs on organisations and the economy as a whole. More than ever before, corporate organisations must take decisive steps to protect their digital assets, added Adewemimo.

The training course offered by the company incorporated all aspects of modern e-learning and wil educate attendees on cyber techniques and their real-world consequences.

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