No beating piracy without content distribution maturity

Some might say that the war against content piracy is being being waged on the wrong front...

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Forward-thinking in turbulent times

When the economic cycle improves, a surge can be expected in services exports made possible by information and communication technologies (ICTs), UNCTAD predicts in its Information Economy Report 2009: Trends and Outlook in Turbulent Times.
While exports of ICT goods such as computers and consumer electronic devices have been hit hard by the global recession, IT and ICT-related services appear to have been more resilient, the report notes.

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Detecting Web vulnerabilities

Kitov Tecnologie has formed a partnership with GamaSec, a remote online website security scan service.

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Enhanced encryption technology certification

id Quantique's encryption products have attained Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 augmented with ALC_FLR.2 (EAL4+).

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Reputation-based security - the next, robust step in Internet Security Protection

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) security threat landscape has gone through significant changes in the last few years, which in turn have altered the distribution profile for new malware.  In stark contrast to the past, where typically one strain would infect millions of machines, today the opposite is taking place; millions of malware strains are each targeting only a handful of machines which in turn makes fighting them more complex.

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