Information moves to the centre stage for business models

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Detecon conducts a survey on data centricity

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African customer service: growth and understanding

ATIO, Andre, le, Roux, Interactive Intelligence, Dave, Paulding, Africa, ICT, growth, contact, centre, operations

ATIO’s Andre le Roux and Interactive Intelligence's Dave Paulding discuss Africa's rapid ICT growth and its impact on contact centre operations on the continent

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Report outlines priorities for industry and governments to advance cloud computing

A new report produced by the World Economic Forum with the support of Accenture, Advancing Cloud Computing: What to Do Now? Priorities for Industry and Governments, was launched at the World Economic Forum on Latin America during a session on cloud computing, which was moderated by Accenture’s chairman, Bill Green.

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Rise in social media requires businesses to rethink customer value

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New measures of value are needed so that organisations know how best to direct engagement efforts; revised engagement strategies can be improved with customer analytics

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Massive connectivity improvements put Africa at the dawn of a new era

Mike Last, Marketing and International Business Development Director of WIOCC, takes a look at Africa’s rapidly evolving connectivity landscape

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